The Designer.



My name is Emmanuel Asare-Adu  (a.k.a DesignsbyEman). 

I am an enthusiastic and vibrant individual based in Thurrock, Essex and Cambridge. Welcome to my website.


Currently, I am entering my final year of university, undertaking a degree in graphic design. With a passion for creation, I consider myself more than just a graphic designer, but also a creative artist with the passion and vision to breathe new life into your business, and enhance your company’s visual image and build its success.

My personal skills include being creative and having the ability to use good judgment and make great decisions that will benefit production.


I take pride and enjoyment in creating imaginative and innovative ideas and designs. Keeping an open-minded approach to situations is what I believe to be the premises of greatness and achievement.

Thank you for stopping by. 


Let’s work together!

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